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To create a truly inclusive society, we must look at societal issues and challenges through a lens of access and equity. According to Harvard Business Review, black-owned businesses only receive 1% of venture capital funding, missing out on important opportunities to grow their businesses.

The lack of opportunities among communities of color results in continued generational inequality that affects a person's health and financial wellness. Increasing access to the digital economy for communities of color and low-income families is vital for growth and prosperity.

diversity equity and inclusion

Explore the key learnings from the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion chapter:

  • Financial inclusion is a key principle of equity and is vital to reducing poverty and promoting prosperity. Companies and startups that are creating platforms that allow for greater funding opportunities to minority-owned businesses and greater connect to consumers are key to propelling innovation and supporting growth.

  • The healthcare industry is working towards correcting biases within their systems by creating culturally nuanced pathways for marginalized communities to access care. This is being accomplished through the creation and implementation of ethical AI standards to ensure algorithms can account for racial and minority predeterminations, both in prescribing and receiving treatment. 

  • Affordable housing is a key pillar in advancing upward mobility, as low-income neighborhoods are often associated with high levels of crime and underfunded education systems. To address this need, organizations are creating unique offerings to allow marginalized communities access to affordable housing and mortgage offsetting opportunities, which will ultimately create generational improvements as well. 

  • Workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion has been established as an effective means to improve a company’s bottoms line. To create a pipeline of minority candidates to leadership levels,

organizations are working to upskill their employees through professional development programs and learning opportunities, providing them with the necessary resources to not only move up within their organization, but also seek out senior leadership positions elsewhere.

Learn more about how technology is transforming diversity, equity, and inclusion by downloading the full report or visit the main report page.