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Food security – a complex, multi-faceted issue – threatens over 2 billion people around the world, according to the United Nations. Digital tools and technologies, when deployed in an intentional and strategic way, can hold off food insecurity while addressing other parallel challenges at the root of the issue.

food security

Explore the key learnings from the Food Security chapter:

  • Blockchain technology can ensure food security with its ability to ensure the traceability of food from its origin until it reaches the end customer through a healthier, more ethical, and better-quality supply chain. 

  • Big data and the Internet of Things can be harnessed for a number of agricultural applications, including farmer decision support, precision farming and insurance. Innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture will benefit producers, consumers, and the planet. 

  • At the local level, accessibility issues of food insecurity are being addressed through public-private partnerships between food banks, community food pantries and corporations. These partnerships are bridging the access gap and creating solutions for those who are struggling to feed their families. 




Learn more about how technology is addressing food insecurity in communities around the world by downloading the report or visit the main report page.