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According to the World Health Organization, for the first time in history, people around the world are living longer, into their sixties and beyond. New applications for technology in healthcare are making advancements in creating opportunities for accessible, equitable, and improved patient outcomes.  

To demonstrate value, traditional healthcare systems must evolve, adapting digital solutions for better care of all patients. New technologies have supported agility and helped transition to new ways of accessing, treating, and curing patients, improving the longevity and quality of life for all.


Explore the key learnings from the Healthcare chapter:

  • By creating access to health data through cloud-based apps, healthcare providers are able to make more informed decisions about a patient’s diagnosis and treatment options. By providing this access to patients, they can become aware and empowered to make healthier lifestyle choices to improve their health outcomes. Blockchain is a safe and secure method of storing and sending this data and the technology has many applications within the heavily regulated healthcare industry. 

  • The use of robotics to treat patients for a variety of illnesses is an innovative use of emerging technology. Robots can be safe and effective by delivering, explaining, and administering treatments to a variety of patient types. This form of treatment is especially necessary for patients with compromised immune systems as robots will limit contagion transfer between patient and healthcare provider. The treatment is also effective, by removing the element of human error. 

  • Digital and telemedicine have become vital methods of treatment for patients during global lockdowns. Doctors and nurses are able to connect with patients through a variety of technology enabled devices, including the telephone, apps, and desktop computers. Doctors can virtually diagnose some symptoms and send prescriptions to the patient’s local pharmacy, helping to bridge the healthcare access gap through cloud and digital technologies.

Learn more about how technology is transforming healthcare by downloading the full report or visit the main report page.