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Celebrating One Million Futures Together

Launched in partnership with Discovery Education in 2017, TCS’ Ignite My Future in School is a free pioneering, transdisciplinary education program for teachers, students, families, and community stakeholders that ignites the spark of curiosity and problem solving through computational thinking.

TCS is proud to announce that we have surpassed our goal to reach 1 million U.S. K-12 students, a full year ahead of our 2022 goal, and also closed in on our target to engage 20,000 teachers.

The Ignite My Future program has now been accessed by students in more than 70 countries through free virtual resources.




    Ryan H.

Greater Los Angeles, CA

"Ignite My Future helped motivate me to further pursue and turn it [my innovation] into a much more realistic product."

Ryan created an Internet of Things (IoT) based Wildfire Early Detection system, a low cost wireless field module connected via cellular to an app running on firefighters' cell phones.


Camellia S.

            Henrico, VA

"Not many girls are into STEM, but I'm really proud that I have my mind wired like this. If you're going to start a project, do something you're passionate about."

Camellia S. created iDropAI as a part of the Ignite My Future Student challenge. Her innovation is an eye dropper that uses artificial intelligence to deliver eye medication for patients. Her idea was inspired by family members with glaucoma.


        Malak D.

             Atlanta, GA

"I joined Ignite My Future to understand how to execute FNB to become a working app and possibly a robot to work in various food banks."

Malak created Foodbank Nutrition Bot (FNB) to ensure everyone has access to healthy and nutritious foods. Using AI, her innovation helps food banks streamline repackaging food to provide to communities in need.


   Alexandria C.

       Wilmington, NC

"I believe that Sign Buddy can help ease the stress and anxiety that the deaf community experiences on a daily basis in today's interactive society."

Using computational thinking, Alexandria created Sign Buddy, a cube that translates sign language into spoken English and also translates English into ASL and ESL.




   Emily S.

          Greenville, SC

"IMFIS lessons and TCS Virtual Career Days allow students to make real-world connections to what they are learning in class."

Due to school closures in 2020, Emily worked with TCS’ Ignite My Future program to create a series of virtual career days for her students to bring computational thinking and STEM careers to life for her students.


     Shakirah T.

          Pasadena, TX

"Ignite My Future is exactly what it says. It is going to ignite your students’ future and give them a glimpse of what their future can hold and the potential that they have that maybe they [have] never seen before."

As a Special Education Teacher, Shakirah uses Ignite My Future content to provide her students with relevant experiences that challenge them to own their learning and make a difference.


       Hugh M.

British Columbia, Canada

"I like to put my kids in real life situations and prompt them with scenarios and talk about how they would approach problems. I’ve seen Computational Thinking have a great impact on my students. They are more engaged with what’s happening in the classroom."

Hugh believes that students are well equipped to solve community issues by using computational thinking. Ignite My Future has empowered his classroom to solve real world problems with teachers and students around the world.


         Diego V.

      Monterrey, Mexico

"The power of computational thinking (CT) lies in the fact that once you show students how to apply it, when solving problems, they will naturally begin to apply CT from that moment forward. They will forever receive the benefits of using CT to find solutions."

As an advocate for his students, Diego knows that teachers must also be life long learners. Using computational thinking, Diego works alongside his students to collaborate with fellow Ignite My Future classrooms on a global scale.



The Power of Computational Thinking for All

Our team is ready to help you bring computational thinking to life in your classroom, home, or community. Reach out to us to:

  • Ask about our free teacher professional development events
  • Join our global network of like minded educators
  • Learn how TCS’ 469,000 associates can volunteer in your classroom or community
  • Explore potential partnerships and collaborations


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