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Celebrating Educators and Students Global Collaboration Project with Ignite My Future

On May 11th, Ignite My Future in School culminated the Global Collaboration by hosting a virtual celebration. The event kicked off with keynotes from Beth Meyer, VP of Partnerships at Discovery Education and Lina Kelbanov, CSR Head for North America. The leaders from Discovery Education and TCS both shared their congratulations to teachers and students on a great project, the need for computational thinking to prepare students for the future of work and the importance of collaborating across geographies. 

For this collaboration, 16 teachers and 560 students from across Mexico, Canada and the US were tasked with trying to solve the problem of food deserts using computational thinking. Food deserts are areas where people lack access to affordable, fresh, and healthy foods. The students connected each week via Flipgrid (a Microsoft platform used by educators) to share their learning and offer feedback. By leveraging computational thinking strategies, the students created many different solutions, among them were school/community gardens, educational social media campaigns to raise awareness and mobile food markets. 

The celebration included project data, a “mix tape” of student videos from Flipgrid and teacher reflections of working and learning together over eight weeks. The highlight of the celebration was the special awards presented by 11 of our TCS associates. These associates were specifically chosen because they had previously volunteered their time with Ignite My Future through mentoring, virtual career days and content review. The awards were created based on the seven computational thinking strategies and careers at TCS, for example: the government relations award, the healthcare award, the banking and finance award and the digital solutions award. Each class received an award based on their work and contribution to the project. The students and teachers enjoyed reflecting on their hard work and the recognition from the industry experts at TCS. Many of the teachers are looking forward to the next global collaboration project which will begin in the fall and focus on sustainability around the TCS NYC and London marathons.

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