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Professional Development Training Pilot held at Podar International School

With the view and objective of ensuring a holistic learning environment for the young learners in their school, 34 teachers of all subjects -namely languages, science, humanities and mathematics-participated in the orientation session of Ignite My Future in School, conducted on On 24-April,2021, at Podar International School, Sangli, Maharashtra. The school ensured the participation of teachers of multiple subjects from grades 1 – 12.  

Since the global Covid pandemic, the entire learning environment changed multifold for learners as well as for teachers. Conventional modes of teaching and learning have lost relevance now. It is therefore essential to engage young learners in logic-based learning to provide them enhanced learning opportunities. Also, teachers felt that it was also difficult for them to get the attention levels of learners in the past year in comparison to the classroom based learning that was possible earlier. Therefore, they found IMF methodologies, which does not have a subject-based limitation and instead focus on how students can be mentored to think for problem-solving, a better solution.

Since the IMFIS program is based on the foundation concepts of computational thinking, the teachers found the session relevant and helpful for the learners. The interaction in the session was insightful, as the teachers understood the application of the IMF concepts by themselves through participating in the experiential training technique.