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Once a Student, Now a Trainer

Rakshith D S' family's only source of sustenance till two years ago was their paddy field. Two years into employment with TCS, Rakshith added to the family's holdings; it now owns a Coffee Estate near their village.

His household carries tell-tale signs that Rakshith’ s income after becoming an engineer has made a difference; facilities have been added to the lives of Rakshith’ s parents and sister after the family's long haul and struggle to make him the first engineer of the family. The first testimony of change was a brand new, high-end television set, and more gadgets followed.  

Many challenges that the family faced till 2018 have been put paid to. Rain or sunshine, parents, Shankar D H and Shashikala toiled in the paddy farms to make ends meet. The uppermost on their minds was educating their son, Rakshith, who was born first. His sister was born few years later. Though Rakshith was the first-born, the parents ensured equal opportunity for both the siblings. Rakshith is now his "sister's caretaker" and funds her college education. 

The family was lives in Nadahalli Village, Hassan district in the South Indian state of Karnataka. 

Rakshith completed his schooling at the state-run Sri Morarji Desai School. At school, he was clearly a favorite with the mathematics teacher because of his knack for complex calculations and equations. Machines and tools fascinated him since he was a schoolboy. His next port of call was again a state-run institution, Government Engineering College of Kushalnagar, from where he obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree in 2018.

During his last three semesters of his graduate program, he joined the TCS Youth Employment Program for rural undergraduates in engineering colleges. He describes his association with the program as a "a remarkable transformation journey". For him, it made up for his faculties which he could not develop in school.

At the conclusion of the program, he wrote in his feedback: " I can proudly say that the employability program helped me a lot to improve my basics and created a stronger foundation for both technical domain as well as Business communication.

"To achieve goals in life, it is necessary to have positive thinking and ability to manage time effectively...I acquired knowledge on these aspects while attending the sessions. Each session taught me new concepts through various real-life examples and activities...the interactive teaching methods, techniques and practical sessions was a whole new level of experience. 

"The program gave me the much-needed Industry exposure and made me follow the right path to achieve the goal of getting placed in a renowned organization.

"The program inspired me to groom myself to be professional. The program played a very significant role in making me become more confident in communications skills...This program is a must for rural students, who are aspiring to achieve their goals with limited available resources."

Rakshith was drafted from his campus in 2018 to join TCS in Bengaluru. He is currently at the same location as an Assistant System Engineer. He supports a leading BFS Account. His new interests are Python programming and learning more on trading tools.

Within a year of joining TCS, Rakshith was awarded the Best CSR volunteer of 2019. He has bagged the CSR Champion Award For 2020. 

He came in the fold of Youth Employment Program to hone his skills to become employable. Least did he know that it would ignite the latent passion in him to render selfless service to the society. Toying in machines and tools since the time of a school goer, Rakshith always nurtured the dream of becoming a design engineering. This was a trigger for choosing Mechanical as his area of specialization at the engineering college.

But changing the preference to the IT sector was his heart's calling after he experienced the spirit of volunteering, devotion, and sacrifice of the trainers. At the end of the training, he was determined to join TCS as he discovered that this was the platform which could suffice his aspiration to give it back to the society. The TCS Volunteer-Trainers were indeed an ignition for the inner-calling.

It was straight into CSR activities from the time Rakshith donned the TCS lanyard to display his identity card. He barely wasted anytime and associated himself with CSR and Maitree initiatives. Rakshith, outside his working hours, now conducts on an average 8-10 aptitude sessions in every quarter with at least 40-60 students attending each session across 14 colleges. And all this proactively with full dedication and passion. And, thus, the awards.