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Youth Employment Program brings ray of hope for Rashika

The Youth Employment Program (YEP) for Non-Engineering Graduates came as a boon for K Rashika, a physically challenged person. She became employable through this program after she completed her graduation in Economics in 2018. Today, Rashika is an achiever as an employee with an Information Technology firm. The physical challenges she faced failed to curtail her eagerness to learn, and above all, her determination and perseverance to succeed.

 Rashika's family resided in Chennai, the state capital of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the household comprised of parents and their two children – a daughter and a son. The family was financially self-sufficient as their small eatery fetched enough turnover.


    All hell broke loose for the family when Rashika was in school. She was afflicted by an ailment that     crippled her. Rashika was just 16 then. The family was shattered when they realized that her illness     and its manifestations were irreversible.

    "Her hands went progressively numb. With time her health worsened as she was unable to control     the movements of her hands and neck. She lost her normal posture," said one of the trainers who     attended to her during the program.

Rashika was in her final year of college when she came across the free employability training opportunity provided by an NGO, Mahindra Pride School, and TCS. The college placement officer assured this training was for underprivileged and struggling students, and many had succeeded in getting jobs after attending it. So Rashika immediately registered for the free training.

All the trainers deployed for the YEP initiative are skilled in dealing with a diverse group of trainees. The TCS employability program trainers ensured Rashika felt included in the training batch. 

 Rashika showed tremendous patience and took things in her stride. Undaunted by the physical setback of limited movement, she attended the training without missing out on a single day. Exhibiting sheer grit and bravery, she decided to move ahead in life. Rashika's tenacity turned out to be a solace and strength for the family. In turn, Rashika says she is grateful to all for their support, which enabled her to venture forth in life after school.

 At the end of the training, Rashika appeared for an interview with an IT company. She came out with flying colors and landed a job where she could use the skills that the training program had empowered her with!




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