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Throughout the year, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and TCS Foundation continued to make financial and technological investments to develop world-class solutions to help institutions across India in their mission to provide state-of-the-art cancer care to communities across social and economic segments.

With the number of new cancer cases projected to nearly double within the next twenty years, cancer continues to be a growing concern in India. In addition, inequality in terms of social, economic, and physical barrier prevents many in India from having access to appropriate medical treatment.

Through 2019, Tata Consultancy Services continued to address this problem by investing in interventions in healthcare that range from supporting institutions in performing cutting-edge research to enabling every section of society with information on better health practices to developing and implementing, pro-bono, large-scale hospital management systems that enhance the efficiency of service delivery.

Interventions include support to the Tata Translational Cancer Research Center at the Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata where TCS’ aim is to develop personalized treatments, diagnostics, and monitoring tools for patients. Since 2016, TCS has also provided technology support to the National Oncology Digital Nerve Center including delivering critical efficiency enhancement services such as instant messaging support, telemedicine, and virtual follow-ups. TCS has also provides a fully integrated hospital management system free of cost to the Cancer Research Institute at Chennai.

Similarly, the Digital Nerve Center (DiNC) in Kolar is using a range of technologies to deliver cutting edge healthcare services to local residents. Among a host of solutions, DiNC improves access to healthcare by enhancing primary health facilities along with the use of ‘telemedicine’ to lower health care costs and to bridge the physical divide between health care experts and patients.

At the Cancer Institute and Assam State Cancer Institute, TCS also kickstarted the Virtual Tumor Board –connecting cancer experts with patients irrespective of geography to provide more equitable access to the best cancer experts in the country.