Digital Empowers, a partnership between Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and US Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF), raises awareness on digital technologies, provides a platform for organizations and individuals to explore the art of what’s possible thereby fostering cross-sector collaborations and propelling innovation.

Emerging technologies have transformed the way we work—from the way companies do business and engage their value chains to the way governments and nonprofits serve their communities. The greatest opportunity, however, lies in the capabilities new technologies bring to transform society. This new era of technology innovation has the powerful potential to solve real world problems, fulfill human needs, and present new opportunities for innovation and growth, but these tasks cannot be accomplished if entities continue to work in silos.

By leveraging the ingenuity and resources of the private sector, the innovative capacity of entrepreneurs, and the collective assets of governments, NGOs, and civil society—Digital Empowers fosters collaboration and the creation sustainable, scalable solutions to alleviate our most pressing societal and sustainability challenges.

Over 500 business leaders and 150 innovation leaders showcased how solutions leveraging digital technologies such blockchain, cloud, IoT, robotics, AI, AR/VR, data analytics, human centered design, and 3D printing are solving the most pressing issues in the community including food safety and distribution, microfinance, the opioid epidemic, refugee resettlement, natural and human-made disasters, criminal justice reform, and healthcare.


Digital Empowers has hosted 5 public forums with more than 50 public policy leaders, 150 tech leaders, 250 citizen & NPO leaders, and 500 business leaders.


In FY 20, the National Forum in Washington DC provided a platform for solutions from Atlanta and Charlotte while we explored tech solutions to local problems in Chicago through a regional forum featuring large organizations such as United Airlines, Whirlpool HSCC; technology consortiums like the Illinois Technology Association and City Tech Collaborative and grassroots organizations like BrightTalk

The Digital Empowers Awards program honors these innovations in designs, products, partnerships, and technologies - solving critical community issues, bringing greater access and equity to individuals, challenging industry to push the limits on ideas and collaboration—all to make the world a better place.

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