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Throughout the world, many organizations work tirelessly to provide a brighter future for those without equal access to the opportunities offered by the digital economy – and Tata Consultancy Services continued to support many of these movements with invaluable pro-bono technology consulting and services throughout 2019.

While many believe that the world is undergoing a Fourth Industrial Revolution, the opportunities offered by this new digital economy are still withheld from many – with women, youth, and those from marginalized communities especially impacted by inequality.

Throughout 2019, Tata Consultancy Services continued to bridge this gap by offering invaluable pro-bono technology consulting and services to a wealth of organizations, including Million Women Mentors (MWM), IMPACT 2030, Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP), the Women Business Collaborative, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF).

Whether it is building a national tech infrastructure for mentoring for MWM and US2020, helping expand access to Computer Science education by supporting CSForAll, and Learning Blade, mobilizing the business community to be purpose-driven with CECP and IMPACT 2030, or accelerating digital innovation for social good with U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation – we are providing world-class, industry-leading solutions created with the same expertise and experience that TCS uses to solve problems for businesses all across the world.

TCS goes further by creating solutions for these organization that align with our Business 4.0 framework – delivering a customized product built in alignment with each partner’s strategic goals, and leveraging design thinking tools, the Agile methodology, and other business best-practices to empower organizations to make a meaningful impact on people and communities.