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The ENABLE program, offered across Latin America, provides disadvantaged youth with foundational skills and training to help provide them with access to the digital economy.

Like many women in Peru, Nilda Patricia Pujay didn’t think she had the education or experience to pursue a career in technology. Whether due to cultural traditions, geography, or poverty, women and those from indigenous communities continue to lack equal access to opportunities that could transform their lives.

But that changed when Nilda applied to be part of ENABLE – a program created by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to provide training and coaching to those from underrepresented communities, and empower them to fill the growing number of technology opportunities opening up across Latin America.

ENABLE is a 20-hour program in which volunteers from TCS provide participants with interactive training they might not otherwise have access to – honing skills like how to build a resume, tips for doing well in job interviews, and basic digital literacy skills like training in Excel, Word, and Power Point.

“TCS opened up so many opportunities. They believed in me, despite not having experience or knowledge, because they value motivation and the courage to move forward. Thanks to TCS, I can now support my family and pay for the education of my brothers. I feel very happy - and I’m looking forward to a long career with TCS.”

Thanks to successful partnerships with NGOs across Latin America, TCS has been able to bring ENABLE to 19,457 beneficiaries since its inception – and the skills and training are so profound that hundreds of program participants have then gone on to work for Tata Consultancy Services and other leading companies, just like Nilda.

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