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Literacy remains an issue for millions of Indians, and it is women who are impacted the most.

One example is 40-year-old Nurabati Putel, who was reliant on her husband to support their three daughters because she lacked the basic literacy skills to earn an income herself.

This changed thanks to Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS) Adult Literacy Program (ALP). After hearing about ALP, Nurabati enrolled in the program and attended regularly. ALP leverages the digital expertise of TCS to offer computer-based learning which quickly provided Nurabati with functional literacy skills in 50-55 hours.

She was instantly drawn to the arithmetic she was learning – and after completing the program, used her newfound skills to begin selling vegetables to her community. Her income grew to ₹ 300 to ₹400 a day, which provided much needed financial security for her family.

Nurabati also credits ALP with wealth you can’t measure in rupees or vegetables – improved self-confidence, the respect of her friends and neighbors in the village, and the opportunity to become a role model and demonstrate how literacy can empower women just like her towards livelihood.




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