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TCS Philippines Malasakit* Journey

*Malasakit (or compassion in Tagalog) is TCS’ north star in creating programs that benefit the communities we operate in as we champion causes that empower and help communities, especially those that are marginalized. This is very much evident to the 35,000 lives that we have touched through various CSR programs in health, education, and the environment. We have two key programs- Purpose4Life Volunteerism Program and goIT Program- that showcase our genuine malasakit to communities around us.


Purpose4Life: Engaging Employees Through Volunteerism 

Purpose4Life (P4L) is a global TCS employee volunteerism program incepted in 2016, that encourages employees to champion social causes and volunteer their time. TCS Philippines’ employees have been actively supporting the program by initiating volunteerism activities and mobilizing donation drives related to health, environment and education that support communities in need; championing the TCS brand of Malasakit. Over the past three years, TCS Philippines has touched the lives of more than 35,000 Filipinos through the 70 P4L events implemented by TCS employees volunteering over 22,000 hours of their time. 


TCS strongly champions the health and wellness of the community that we serve. Over 5,000 employees participated in 47 health-focused CSR activities across locations giving over 9,500 hours of their time. 

One of the most recent initiatives was the Malasakit Donation Drive to support communities in need of basic supplies such as food and hygiene kits due to the imposed lockdown in the Philippines. This campaign has resulted in a total of Php 1.2M donations from over 1,200 employees and TCS. The proceeds were donated to Caritas Manila, to support the jeepney drivers who lost their jobs in the lockdown, and Ospital ng Makati (Makati Hospital) that supported frontliners with their medical equipment needs such as PPE kits 

TCS has been partnering with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) with annual Blood Donation Drives across TCS locations in the Philippines. In this partnership, we were able to donate a total of 386 blood bags which would have benefitted almost 1,000 lives. Due to our continuous support in their campaign, TCS has been awarded by PRC for three consecutive years. 

TCS also partnered with different children foundations, barangay social work departments, and daycare centers on various outreach programs giving food, hygiene kits, school supplies, and other basic needs. These outreach programs have touched the lives of over 5800 individuals with employees volunteering 2,277 hours. Some notable outreach programs include the Christmas gift-giving activity to street children of Tuloy Foundation, food and supplies distribution to the senior citizens of Kanlungan ni Maria (a home for the aged foundation), and medical and dental mission for local farmers of Brgy. San Agustin, San Luis, Pampanga. 

Environmental Sustainability 

TCS' proactive stance on climate change and award-winning work with communities across the world have earned it a place in leading sustainability indices such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), MSCI Global Sustainability Index, and the FTSE4Good Emerging Index. In the Philippines, TCS has partnered with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to organize a tree-planting activity in Pampanga in Luzon that was devasted by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. Over 100 employees joined hand in hand with the community officials of Brgy. Nabuclod in Pampanga to plant over 200 saplings which will benefit the 5,000 Aeta community members, an ethnic group that live in northern Luzon. In the past years, TCS has also conducted other environmental-focused initiatives such as the Pasig River Clean-Up Drive which is the main river in the Philippine capital that affects almost all the cities in National Capital Region, and other tree-planting activities across locations with over 180 employees dedicating over 1,200 hours of their time. 


TCS has always believed in the power of education to improve the lives of children, especially those who are marginalized. Employees have volunteered over 11,000 hours supporting various education-focused initiatives reaching over 7,500 children.

One of the key programs that TCS supports is Brigada Eskwela, the National Schools Maintenance Week campaign, by the Department of Education that brings together education stakeholders to contribute their time, effort and resources to prepare public schools for the opening of the school year. TCSers have volunteered more than 6,200 hours to seven schools in support of Brigada Eskwela. In 2019, TCS supported Planas National High School, and thanks to our support, Planas High School was awarded the Best Brigada Eskwela Implementer by the DepED Central Office. 

Other notable education-focused programs include the literacy training for women deprived of liberty through the Women’s Correctional Facility, financial literacy program for 100 children and adults of Brgy. Hulo in Mandaluyong, and the various donation drives for school supplies. 

Disaster Relief Operations

Our Malasakit culture is very much evident too when natural disasters strike the country. TCSers quickly mobilize donation drives and relief efforts reaching out to NGOs or communities in need of life-saving support. In all our efforts, we have touched the lives of more than 9,600 individuals through various donation drives and relief operations, with employees devoting over 3,200 hours of their time in addition to money to support these communities. Donation and disaster relief activities supported local governments such as Marikina City during the recent typhoons in 2020; Legazpi City during the Mt. Mayon Volcano Eruption, and communities disrupted during a monthlong siege in Marawi City in Mindanao.


TCS goIT Program 

TCS launched goIT to help the Philippines in promoting STEM in education and encouraging more students to pursue education or a career in this area, and thereby address the STEM skills gap. TCS believes in the necessity of the program based on the current Philippine STEM landscape where only 12% of university graduates of 645,973 took up an engineering degree, 1% studied science and 0.4% took up mathematics. This is also evident in senior high school enrollment where STEM accounts for only 12% of courses offered in SY 2017-18. Although the country acknowledges the crucial role science, technology, and innovation play in responding to local and global challenges, investment in science and technology remains insufficient as evident in budget allocated for R&D, according to a report from the Department of Science and Technology.  TCS stepped in here with its goIT program introducing students to design thinking, digital technologies and agile methodology to develop and prototype solutions that improve their own communities and support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. goIT helps prepare students for a world that has evolving needs in technological innovations due to transformations. TCS recognizes that the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow for our very own vision of digital economy.

Amidst the pandemic in 2020, TCS implemented the goIT program in partnership with the Department of Education, Cordillera Administrative Region - a mountainous part of Luzon where over 40 ethnic communities reside, known to be the most diversified ethno-linguistic region in the Philippines. Due to travel restrictions, goIT is currently being implemented virtually, across the six provinces of the region and will reach 352 students from the eight divisions and 20 schools by the end of the school year in May 2021. As of Feb 2021, goIT has been held in seven schools for 129 grade 9 students. Students came up with 24 innovative digital solutions that could solve their community problem that are aligned to the UN sustainable development goals. The program has been receiving good feedback from students and teachers alike. This program will have its culmination on July where the best outputs from different batches will present their outputs to media, local government, and officials of the Department of Education.



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