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Building a Sustainable STEM Talent Ecosystem


Tata Consultancy Services and STEMconnector have partnered since 2013 to build a more diverse and sustainable STEM workforce, through seminal thought leadership, research and insights, cross-sector taskforces, national forums and more.

The demand for skilled workers with a background in STEM is growing faster than universities and schools can keep up with – leaving millions of jobs unfilled, and creating what some have called a “STEM talent crisis.”

stem talent ecosystem

Despite over a trillion dollars being invested in STEM education by the private sector, the shortfall is increasing, and the current STEM workforce has deep gaps in diversity – with women making up just 10-12% of the engineering workforce, and blacks and Hispanics represented even less.

STEMconnector informs, stimulates, counsels, and connects cross-sector leaders with a passion for and vested interest in collectively re-envisioning the STEM workforce. This includes 18 industries represented with $2.1 Trillion in annual revenue.

With the goal of bridging that gap and building a more representative workforce of the future, Tata Consultancy Services and STEMconnector have partnered since 2013. Among the early efforts was the 100 Leaders in STEM series, the 36-member STEM Innovation Taskforce, the STEM 2.0 publications and the STEM Global Talent Summit, galvanizing industry, education (K-12, post secondary), government and social sector leaders to action.

“There are no silver bullets,” admits Leslie Cruz, CEO of STEMconnector. “The challenges we confront in readying a diverse workforce for the future are many and they are complex. Therefore, our goal is to provide the language, the data, and the tools to more deeply embed STEM efforts into a company’s core business strategy.”

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