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Welcome to our goIT Ambassadors!

Since its founding in 2009, TCS’ goIT has become one of the most successful industry-lead technology programs in North America. The program has impacted over 40,000 students ranging from urban communities in Toronto to small towns in Wyoming, and everywhere in between. Now that goIT is over 11 years into programming in with programs in more than 120 cities across North America, our team decided it was time to gather a community of our top facilitators to act as leaders in our thriving network of educators, helping guide decisions in our new content and share best practices for teaching content in and outside of their classrooms. Working together with our goIT Ambassadors, goIT will continue to break boundaries and provide unique, exciting, and in-demand digital innovation education programming to our students.

So, who are a goIT Ambassadors? They are innovative educators that are forward thinking in their classrooms. They are committed to preparing students for future careers in STEM, and open to new and exciting goIT initiatives. For our first cohort, a small group of like-minded educators were selected, all who continually go above and beyond to bring computer science and digital innovation education into their schools and classrooms.

We delighted to welcome the following educators for our first goIT Ambassador cohort. Learn more about why they wanted to become goIT Ambassadors!

Adam B Hartley – Sandusky, Ohio

  • “I believe I owe it to fellow educators to share how goIT has engaged more students, enhanced the quality of my instruction, and paved the way for my students’ new outlooks on career exploration.”

Melissa Barlow – Smyrna, GA

  • “Last spring a student told me [goIT] was her favorite ‘project’ in middle school. It thrills me to see students so passionate solving community problems and working together.”

Jack Hunter from Toledo, OH

  • “goIT has provided a medium for innovation and allowed our learners to collaborate in like-minded situations.”

Andrea Kwok – Toronto, ON

  • “It's a great way to teach global awareness and design thinking. goIT can be easily used to meet cross-curricular expectations, global competencies, and learning skills.”

Michael Barltrop – Toronto, ON

  • “goIT instilled the desire to ensure I continue to make project-based learning relevant.”

Jason Hames – Toronto, ON

  • “I think I would be a great goIT ambassador as a committed educator in an inner-city teaching environment who firmly believes in the empowering, transformative nature of the goIT curriculum to enhance classrooms and redefine student work at all grade-levels.”

Adrienne Britten – Toronto, ON

  • “I am passionate about integrating social-emotional learning with technology and giving students the opportunity to follow their own interests through project-based learning.”

Candice Barnes – Toronto, ON

  • “I genuinely believe this is a phenomenal program for youth to engage in. It truly promotes so many of the best teaching practices for the 21st century and allows students to hone their global competencies. Given the openness of the program, it also addresses issues of equity in terms of access to technology and learning needs.”


If you’re interested in joining our next cohort of Ambassadors, please contact Hillary McDonald  ( for the US or Anu Bahri ( for Canada.