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goIT Helps Prove that Parents and Guardians Know Best

This story was written by Kelli Recher, Program Lead for TCS’ Ignite My Future in School computational thinking program. Click here to learn more.

As a parent, you are constantly thinking about your child’s future. We’re working to provide opportunities so they can see what’s available to them and hoping that they get to do what they love. This August, Ryann, my teenage daughter, had the amazing opportunity to participate in the goIT summer camp. The week-long virtual camp introduced her to design thinking, using the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) “Life on Land.” To be completely transparent, it was a bit of a struggle to get her to sign on the first day. It was the last week of summer vacation and she wanted to work on getting her backpack ready and relaxing before the whirlwind of in-person middle school hit. 

Learning about computer science or design thinking was not at the top of her list. Ryann has always wanted to be a veterinarian; she loves animals and that was the career path she wanted to follow…until the goIT summer camp. After the camp she told me she wants to get into the computer science field. She said, “Mom, just so you know, it’s not just coding and stuff, there are so many fun things you can do with computer science as a career.” Of course, I have said this many times, but it took actually experiencing it for her to realize that sometimes moms know what they are talking about.

Ryann loved the goIT summer camp. It was so great to listen to her as she went through the modules with the goIT team (yes, I was eavesdropping when I wasn’t on calls). She was participating, asking questions, and even offering help to other students. Ryann can be a bit shy, but I was able to see her shine as she worked to create her app “DeforeSTOPtion.” The goal of the app was to teach young students about the effects of deforestation and ways they can prevent it through gamification. She used one of her favorite games as a model for her app.

At the end of the camp, I was full of pride to hear her present her app at the weekly CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) meeting in front of TCS volunteers as they offered feedback and praise. It was great to hear all  the creativity coming from the children of TCSers. As parents, we have to be proud that there will be some amazing new interns to fill our shoes one day!