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Date: Friday, May 27th, 2022

Time: 11:30 AM SGT/PHT/MYT | 9:00 AM IST | 8:30 PM PDT

Join us as we hear from leading experts about the lack of women representation in STEM in Southeast Asia and the “Leaky pipeline”, strategies to address barriers that women face in entering and advancing in STEM careers and the role of the business and education sector in developing inclusive and equitable STEM career pathways for women in southeast Asia.

Topics to be unpacked:

· Current state of women representation in STEM in Southeast Asia

· Barriers affecting women’s participation in industries relevant to STEM

· How barriers are being addressed to advance their participation

· Crucial roles of education and the business sectors in ensuring equitable and inclusive STEM career pathways for women in Southeast Asia

Speakers to include:

- Girish Ramachandran
  President, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Asia-Pacific, 

- Ameet Nivsarkar
  Vice President & Country Head, TCS Singapore

- Shiju Varghese
  Country Head, TCS Philippines

- Vani Mahadevan
  Founder - Techsprint Academy & Rebound Asia, Malaysia

- Janine Teo
  Chief Executive Officer, Solve Education!

Jane Hodgen (Head Diversity & Inclusion and Leadership - TCS Asia Pacific)

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About TCS Corporate Social Responsibility’s Digital Empowers and goIT Global Tour:

We have embarked on a yearlong, eight-country global tour to garner insights from our international network of industry leaders, non-profit partners, educators and students. Our focus is to close the STEM skills gap, diversify our local STEM talent pipelines and empower our youth to think globally as digital innovators. Digital Empowers is a program designed to bring the tech and social impact communities together, identify opportunities for collaboration, and create a platform for collective insights and action. Founded over a decade ago, TCS’ flagship STEM education program goIT (go Innovate Together), has a presence in 41 countries with a direct student impact of more than 110,000 students designing 26,000+ tech-for-good digital innovation prototypes.