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The Key to Making Brighter Futures

At TCS, we believe business can be a catalyst for change. Our social purpose is to connect people to opportunities in the digital economy and that mission is central to the way we operate as a business. Through innovation, partnership, and collective knowledge, TCS believes we can lead positive change for all stakeholders. The company’s deep understanding of digital transformation, technology, and its application helps to create a strong foundation for developing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems at scale. TCS’ engagement model leverages its intellectual, technology, financial, and human capital to create exponential impact across the globe.

TCS’ flagship STEM education program, goIT, has benefitted 80,000+ students across the globe since its inception in 2009.  This program, rooted in design thinking, introduces students to the innovation life cycle and rapid prototyping framework. Through this experience, students identify an issue in their community and develop a digital prototype of a solution. Students then deliver an entrepreneurial pitch to an audience of their peers and community members. 

When bringing goIT to a school, TCS strives to create an experience for students that brings an entire community into the classroom. As a company who puts the community at the core of our business practices,  TCS makes a greater impact through partnerships with clients when working together towards a common goal. For that reason, TCS joined KeyBank, a leading financial services institution focused on helping clients and communities thrive, to bring goIT to schools in Ohio, New Jersey, and Texas. Already deeply involved with grant-making efforts for nonprofit STEM initiatives, KeyBank is an ideal partner for goIT.

For a second year in a row, KeyBank has partnered with TCS on the goIT Monthly Challenge, a recurring opportunity for students aged 7 to 17 across North American to directly engage in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the goIT digital innovation. Each month has a specific theme and students use either the goIT online free platform or the goIT program implemented by teachers through their school to participate. 

The program empowers students to approach the challenge through a lens of empathy, identifying local issues that they can help solve. Students then ideate, prototype, and pitch a digital innovation that seeks to solve or address one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. July’s challenge focused on Goal #16 encourages students to create a digital solution that promotes peace, justice, and inclusion in their neighborhoods, country, and/or planet. At the end of the month, students create a three-minute pitch video which they then upload on the TCS Empowers website, to be judged by KeyBank and TCS volunteers. Visit our website to find out the winner!

Amy Brady, CIO of KeyBank said, “Partnering with TCS’ #goITMonthlyChallenge was an inspiring experience. The innovation, dedication to problem solving, and community focus brought to life through the program was a bright spot in a challenging year. Congratulations to all of the winners – and thank you for your excellent ideas!”

Students are the next generation of leaders and changemakers, and KeyBank believes inspiring students to pursue careers in technology will create the change needed for the world ahead of us. Foundational STEM education is more important now than it ever has been if we are to ensure that students are ready for the future of work. Jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are predicted to grow in the next decade at a higher rate than non-STEM occupations. 

Special thanks to KeyBank senior leaders for their ongoing support and participation in goIT, including Amy Brady, CIO of KeyBank; Brenda Kirk, EVP and CIO, Commercial Bank and Enterprise Payments; Sarah Vaughan, VP and Product Owner, Tony Rini,  Senior Vice President, End User Experience; and  Kumar Iyer,  Business Technology Sr Manager for their leadership and participation.

If you are TCS client and want to learn more about how to advance your company’s community engagement, please reach out to to learn more!

And to learn more about our goIT program and how teachers and students can get involved, check out our goIT program page.