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Do you need to be an expert to volunteer for goIT?

Melissa Morales Reyes joined TCS a little over 8 months ago in our new Montreal office. Melissa was initially hesitant to volunteer for the CSR goIT program as she didn’t feel she had the technical knowledge needed to help students. When the opportunity to work with students in our annual Skills Ontario Summer Camp program, Melissa decided to take a chance.

The goIT Team asked Melissa to share her experience as a judge for student app ideas.

 Describe your first impression of volunteering for goIT

At the beginning I felt a little scared because I thought you needed to know a lot about computer systems, and I am not an expert in this field. However, the TCS goIT team was able guide me and provide the tools I needed to make me feel confident about doing a good job as a judge during one of the culminating events.

What skills have you learned from volunteering at goIT? How have they influenced your work life at TCS?

This experience showed me to that I don’t need to be an expert in IT to contribute. Now, I am more curious to learn how systems work and how can I develop tools that can help to simplify my day-to-day job.

What is it like to be a goIT volunteer?

It is a fun and engaging activity. You are the judge of amazing app ideas that children have. You see the creativity, the talent, and the eagerness of children to develop something that can help people. For example, some of the apps were how to be healthy, saving animals, recycling…just to name a few. It was amazing to volunteer in this activity with Skills Ontario.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering for the goIT program?

I would tell them to do it! It is an amazing experience that allows you to contribute and to help children to pursue a career in this field if they desire. They grow in confidence, and it is very gratifying (as a volunteer).