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Skills Ontario Pilots goIT’s Artificial Intelligence Tech Pathway

As one of our long-time partners, Skills Ontario Virtual Summer Camp had previously included goIT in their summer program as an in-person opportunity for students. After a successful virtual Spring Break program in April 2021, they were keen to continue the tradition, but with Covid restrictions still in place, the decision was made to continue virtually. The Skills Ontario team facilitated the goIT program using the newly released goIT online platform. Through a hybrid of facilitator led and online learning, over 130 students were able to participate with goIT, producing some remarkable app prototypes! Each one-week program included virtual guest speakers, volunteers, and judges from our network of TCSers and clients including BMO, Walmart, and Manulife. 

What makes goIT so unique from other industry-led STEM-programs is the blend of facilitator-led programming mixed with support and feedback from our volunteers, which creates a program where students are engaged and can share their digital solutions to global issues. The feedback from students highlights the success of the program. 

“I think that the way they (goIT) provide connections and additional information to the students is amazing”

“It was amazing I really appreciate all the feedback they gave”

“It was sooo funnn!!!!”

“Designing my own app was great! It was really fun to test all the blocks in the app lab and see what they did.”

For the last two weeks of the program in August, a select group of students were then able to pilot our new AI curriculum virtually. This opportunity guided students to go beyond App design and learn Artificial Intelligence  concepts, such as Machine Learning and Classification. Students then applied these concepts using Google’s Teachable Machine Tool, which utilizes a combination of camera and audio recognition, allowing them to easily build their own A.I. prototypes. Students’ prototyped innovations around identifying and supporting endangered wildlife in local neighborhoods, diet and nutrition solutions for scanning healthy vs. unhealthy foods, and workout assist coaches. When asked about their thoughts on the new A.I. program here is what some of the participants told us:

“It was a great workshop! I loved getting to learn how to use AI!”

“It was great and very fun! I loved how we were able to do whatever we were passionate about!”

To learn more about our goIT program and how teachers and students can get involved, check out our goIT program page.