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Cleaning Up the World

From tree-planting drives to beach clean-ups, TCS APAC is leading the way to a greener future.


To combat climate change and its impacts, TCS APAC runs a number of environmental and green initiatives across the geography. From tree-planting drives across the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and China, to clean-up drives across beaches, rivers, and community meeting grounds in Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong, the team is doing its bit to help the environment.

In Thailand, TCS held its first-ever country-level CSR event, which revolved around coral reef conservation. In collaboration with the Royal Thai Navy, TCSers aimed to create awareness about eco-friendly tourism in order to preserve our precious coral reefs. Associates and their families helped in coral restoration at Sattahip on the Chonburi coast by planting 100 sets of coral with the help of divers.

As part of one of TCS Singapore’s many conservation causes, TCSers got down and dirty in the Mandai mudflats to record valuable data for the Nature Society. This institution studies the health of the horseshoe crab species, which is facing threat from pollution and overfishing. Apart from helping rescue horseshoe crabs that were trapped in nets and trash, TCSers also learnt more about these creatures and their impact on the mangrove ecosystem.