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Green Procurement Policy


Aligned to its commitment towards sustainable growth, TCS is keen to incorporate environmental considerations in its purchasing decisions to minimize the environmental impact across the lifecycle of the products and services which it procures.

In line with TCS’ sustainability objectives, the key pillars of our green procurement philosophy comprise of reduced use of toxic substances, conservation of natural resources, minimizing waste generation & release of pollutants/emissions and maximizing reusability and recyclability across the value chain of the product/service. TCS encourages use of products or services which adopt the cradle-to-cradle approach and design for environment principles which are essential for long-term sustainability.

TCS shall strive to include the following considerations into procurement decisions for capital assets as well as consumable supplies for its establishments:

  • Compliance to all relevant international/national/local regulatory compliance requirements

  • Minimum/no use of hazardous or toxic substances

  • Intrinsically safe designs including all safeguards and controls to prevent any health and safety risks to people

  • Designed for environment with extended product life, reusability, recyclability and use of recycled content

  • Involve or encourage lesser consumption of resources like energy, water and other natural resources

  • Extended producer responsibility with “take-back/ buy-back” policy

  • Certification and eco-labels for products where applicable

TCS is committed to work with its suppliers to inculcate TCS Green procurement culture across its supply chain.

All end-users and departments of TCS responsible for purchasing of products and services for TCS shall adhere to this policy to the best possible extent and make conscious efforts towards procuring green products/services considering their life-cycle cost and potential impacts on people and the planet.

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