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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) follows the Tata group philosophy of building sustainable businesses that are rooted in the community and demonstrate care for the environment. We follow a ‘basket weave’ methodology, as part of which social, economic, and environmental issues are addressed both inside TCS as well as outside.

We believe that corporate sustainability extends to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and purpose. TCS has increased the radius of responsibility beyond immediate benefit to long-term good while maintaining a sustainable business. We enable an environment of greater consciousness through a process of collaboration with employees, suppliers, customers, and the community at large. 



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TCS’ Triple Bottom-line Approach to Sustainability



In the community, our vision is to empower communities by connecting people to opportunities in the digital economy and mission is to build inclusive, equitable and sustainable pathways for all including youth, women and marginalized communities.

Read more about TCS’ CSR Efforts

Within TCS, we believe each person has the ability to contribute to building greater futures for our teams, clients, and societies. We recognize the power of diverse perspectives in innovating for good, fueling inclusive and sustainable growth, and creating shared value.

Read more about TCS’ Leadership, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts



We believe Business sustainability is linked to the planet’s sustainability. Moreover, good environmental practices result in greater operational efficiency, adding to financial sustainability.

We bank on the passion of our employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers, and the youth in the community to drive  just and accelerated action towards climate change mitigation and natural resource preservation.

Read more about our environmental sustainability efforts 



We believe, no single organization can create a sustainable future. An ecosystem approach is needed. Beyond our own footprint, TCS is actively engaged with customers and partners to help shape and deliver their journey to more sustainable and future-fit businesses. We see greater potential in enabling efficiencies and climate action through our digital solutions and contextual knowledge for our customers; higher than what we can accomplish within our own organizational boundaries.

Read more about TCS’ Sustainability Services



TCS’ Focus Areas Across the Triple Bottom Line


Featured Stories

focus 1

TCS Targets Net Zero Emissions by 2030

Leveraging Vision 25x25, renewable energy and digital technology to reduce carbon emissions by 70% by 2025, and become a Net Zero Emitter by 2030.


TCS Partners with UN-hosted Health Innovation Exchange (HiEX) to Develop Digital Solutions to Improve Access to Healthcare

HIEx is a UN-hosted partnership that brings together policymakers, innovators and investors to leverage innovation and technology to reach health-related Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets. As part of the partnership, HIEx and TCS Digital Garage, an innovation unit of TCS, will jointly help tackle the twin problems of inaccessibility and inequality facing the global healthcare ecosystem and deliver improved health outcomes for all. They will also form a blockchain-based healthcare financing platform called TCS HIEx tokenization platform for SDGs, which will allow investors, to invest easily in promising healthcare start-ups across the world.


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focus 3

Helping industry respond to Covid 19 crisis

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, many organizations are realizing the need to incorporate resiliency, adaptability and responsiveness in their DNA. TCS believes we now live in a changed world, and many steps taken during the pandemic are here to stay. We can help you navigate this volatility and any others that come your way.


Enabled and Empowered

Real inclusion starts with acceptance, understanding and access. For over a billion people and our colleagues who identify as persons with disabilities, their families, careers, and support networks, the conversation has evolved - from talking about limitations to possibilities, and challenges to opportunities. Let’s continue to shift the conversation and celebrate their achievements and contributions, in transforming our work, workplace, and world for the better.



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Empowering 1.1 million adults

The TCS Adult Literacy Program (ALP) has empowered approx. 1.1 million adults. Our digitally empowered, 'literacy as a service' offering (now device agnostic), has enabled adult learners to easily achieve literacy in their native language. We, at TCS, celebrate everyone who has taken a step on the journey of transforming their lives with education.


TCS’ Sustainability Journey in Numbers


Our sustainability reports

Integrated report for FY 2020-21

Starting FY20, TCS is publishing an integrated annual report, which encompasses both financial and non-financial information to enable stakeholders to take well-informed decisions and have a better understanding of our long-term perspectives.

This consolidated report also touches upon aspects such as organizational strategy, governance framework, performance, and prospects of value creation based on the six forms of capital: financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social and relationship, and natural.


Prior years sustainability reports