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COVID-19 Impact on Communications Networks: Speed Dialling to the New Reality

Enabling insights-driven, remote and automated network operations

To build resilient networks, capable of handling disruption in telecommunications industry, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are evaluating their network structure and operations. This involves:

  • Reimagining Operation Support System (OSS) platforms leveraging AI/ML with the aim to build cognitive operations platforms.

  • Transforming the network infrastructure layer through careful evaluation of Inside Plant Infrastructure (core, aggregation and edge) and Outside Plant Infrastructure that includes CPE, fixed access, RAN, and satellite communications.

  • Transformation of operational processes and systems to build a converged operations platform, driven by advanced automation capabilities. Such a platform should transform the reactive, fault-correlation based operations to cognitive and prescriptive AI/ML based operations, ultimately maturing into zero touch operations centers over time.

Vimal Kumar

Global Head, Network Solutions Group (NSG), Communications, Media and Information Services (CMI) business group, TCS


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