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The software systems and services research team operates on a simulation-aided, data-driven, model-based, evidence-backed philosophy to enable the design and adaptation of the enterprise as a complex system of systems.


The research carried out in this area includes:

  • Automated regulatory compliance: This group works on architecture and tool support for automated compliance checking, building its work on natural language processing, machine learning, domain-specific languages, model checking, model transformation, and data integration

  • Design and control of complex system of systems: This group has designed fractal abstraction and an actor-based language for specifying complex system of systems. Its simulation machinery enables the design and control of complex system of systems in a human-in-loop manner

  • Dynamic adaptation: This team’s overall objective is to build further upon TCS’ design and control work and support model reference adaptive control paradigms for large enterprises

  • New-age system architecture: The focus of this project is to investigate how enterprise systems should be architected, taking into account technologies such as pervasive computing, IoT, cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence

  • Knowledge delivery systems: This group works on developing knowledge engineering frameworks that help in modelling, extracting, and reasoning in order to deliver the right insights to designers at the right time to help them make the right decisions

  • Smart transformations: This team is working on designing architecture and the necessary tool support for replacing legacy system with third-party products

People & Patents

  • Research team: Led by Chief Scientist Vinay Kulkarni, the team includes Sreedhar Reddy; Ravindra Naik; Souvik Barat; Sagar Sunkle; Suman Roychoudhury; Raveendra Kumar Medicherla; Deepali Kholkar; Asha Rajbhoj; Mohan Raj V.K.; Padmalata V. Nistala; Pavan Kumar Chittimalli; Sapan Shah; Avadhut Sardeshmukh; Y. Raghavendrareddy; and Sushant Vale

  • Academic partners: Aston University, UK; Middlesex University, UK; IISc, India

  • Patents and publications (2016 onwards): This team has received one patent and has published its work in over 30 journals and conferences

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