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Media and Advertising

Exploring the composition of entertainment media to create effective advertising at scale



The media and advertising group conducts applied research in technologies that enable understanding and composition of entertainment media and advertising. Its research deals with cognitive and affective understanding of media and advertising, and aims at assisting personalized, ubiquitous and monetized entertainment, as well as effective advertising at scale. The group draws upon advances in artificial intelligence to analyze media in a multimodal context (image, audio, video and text). It also employs the principles of behavioral and cognitive sciences in understanding the effect of media and advertising on humans.


The media and advertising research area focuses on research in:

  • Cognitive and affective understanding: Building tools for automated annotation and profiling of entertainment and advertising media, including cognitive annotations (what is going on in the media) as well as affective annotations (what might the viewer feel)
  • Semi-automated composition: Research that deals with creation, composition and synthesis of media. Example research problems include use of generative neural networks for localization of content
  • Creative auditing of content: Understanding and assessing advertising and branding material vis-à-vis set branding guidelines
  • Learning arts: Creating futuristic art learning and assessment platforms
  • Persuasive and interactive advertising: Multimodal analysis of ads for persuasive and interactive conversational advertising

People & Patents

  • Research team: Led by principal scientist Niranjan Pedanekar, the team includes Savita Bhat; Rohit Saxena; Rishabh Agrawal; Sarath Sivaprasad; Tanmayee Joshi; Stephen Pilli; Satej Kadlay; Vikram Jamwal. Collaborators from other TCS Research groups include Shirish Karande, Manasi Patwardhan and Arnab Dasgupta

  • Academic partners: Trinity College of Music, London; IIIT Hyderabad, India; IIIT Delhi

  • Patents and publications (FY18 onwards): Since its inception, the group has published six papers in leading conferences

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