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The client wanted to eliminate data and identity thefts for its global operations.

With operations across 45 countries, the global credit bureau collects financial information of individuals and analyzes it to provide credit scores to both businesses and consumers.

Since collecting and managing customers’ private financial data is at the core of the client’s business, it is imperative for the company to ensure watertight security across systems. Securing data from fraud and identity theft and adhering to data security regulations are key drivers for the company’s global operations. Non-compliance poses serious ramifications including loss of consumer loyalty, revenue, and intellectual property.


TCS strategized a data and cloud security management system to reduce the attack surface.

The credit reporting company wanted to proactively secure its applications and infrastructure to avoid potential hacks and data breaches. The company turned to TCS to deliver a comprehensive application security program.

Since the credit bureau was using various disparate security protocols and applications to protect the information it had inherited over a series of mergers and acquisitions, TCS charted a robust data-encryption and security strategy that covered both on-premise and cloud infrastructure. The risk potential of various applications was arrived at through an ethical hacking exercise. Basis this analysis, TCS designed a comprehensive security solution with vulnerability management, cloud security, web application protection, endpoint security and compliance, database monitoring and encryption. The solution included measures from identification of attack surface, sensitive data protection across on-premise and cloud workloads.

TCS’ services strengthened the company’s defence in depth strategy and established a stronger foundation through metrics and visibility, while providing holistic security coverage across network, data, and host security layers.

By bringing in a hacker’s view of applications and using that to secure data through data encryption as well as manage cloud security through cloud security posture management, TCS enabled the credit bureau to draw up an effective data protection strategy and extend the controls to secure all endpoints and network. With state-of-the-art orchestration and automation services, TCS enriched the client’s threat detection environment.



TCS enhances data and cloud security for the credit reporting company. 

With simplified processes and well-defined controls, TCS helped the client reduce redundancy, enhance threat detection, and increase productivity. By integrating the security systems and processes across the on-premise and cloud infrastructure, the company has brought in systemic security control in its global operations for better threat visibility, detection, and remediation.

70 %

Costs due to optimized strategy

62 %

Database activity monitoring

99 %

Accuracy of threat mapping




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