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With the price competition between full-service airlines on the rise, they need to deliver refreshingly different experiences to earn and improve customer loyalty. Understanding the context and preferences of individual flyers in order to offer personalized services has emerged as their top priority. However, cabin crews are often hampered by time-consuming, manual in-flight processes and lack of readily-accessible, relevant customer information.

TCS Solution

Our tablet-based solution completely digitizes the day-to-day work processes of cabin crew and delivers comprehensive passenger information, thereby significantly improving productivity and ensuring they can focus on their core responsibility - offering enriched customer experiences.

We help carriers integrate, digitize, and transform in-flight services, through a range of capabilities, across multiple functional areas such as flight information and CEM, voyage digitization, enterprise crew information, catering information, and enterprise social plugin.


  • Allow cabin crew access to flight information

  • Share vital in-flight information instantly

  • Free up crew time with process automation

  • Help cabin crew to stay connected with you

  • Enable two-way communication between the crew and the passenger

  • Provide your crew with catering information

  • Deliver hyper-personalized customer service


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