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Organizations without a digital transformation strategy are often impeded by manual processes, and unconnected systems and disparate data sources that provide an incomplete view of their customers, ecosystem, and the marketplace. This makes it difficult to optimize application portfolios and enable innovation. The systems incapable of integrating with advanced technologies can hamper an organization’s digital transformation goals.

TCS Solution

TCS Crystallus™ on Oracle Cloud helps enterprises accelerate time-to-market with advanced automation and data-driven analytics. With Oracle Cloud at its core, the solution enables an ecosystem operating model and simplifies the cloud transformation journey. The solution automates processes, connects disparate systems, and leverages advanced technologies to facilitate data-driven decisions with actionable insights. The solution accelerates transformation across sectors:

  • Public sector: Pre-configured solutions for financial structure, chart of accounts (COA), tax reporting, budget control, project costing, and contract billing
  • Oil and gas: Order fulfillment solution with billing and revenue recognition and unique cost liquidation process for project costing and accounting
  • Communications, media, and information: Print plus digital bundle in a single order with fulfillment from warehouses, provisioning of subscription, orchestration of print and digital invoice
  • Banking, financial services, and insurance: Superior design and support for internal and external audit reporting, meet IFRS standards with a ready-to-use structure for COA and a finance cockpit for the CFO


The solution provides the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Business agility and speed with minimal disruptions and 30% shorter design cycles
  • Forward-thinking business models for continuous innovation and improvements
  • Enhanced business performance with best practices and industry benchmarks for pre-configured solutions
  • Reduced time for integrating complex ecosystems accelerating time to value
  • Reduced industry-specific challenges with pre-configured solutions on Oracle Cloud
  • Seamless scalability to meet business needs with minimal impact on users and processes

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