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TCS Powers Cummins’ PLM System Efficiently
Vandana Chenanda, Director of Engineering and PLM Systems and Support, highlights how seamlessly TCS integrated the PLM System with the company’s existing system. This improved the quality of delivery substantially.
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Cummins Corporation
Manufacturer of Power Generation Products Design Engines, Filtration

“We being a part of TCS, TCS being a part of us, that’s what helps us succeed.”

- Cummins Corporation, USA, Vandana Chenanda, Director, Engineering and PLM Systems and Support

The Customer: Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies.

Experience Results

TCS has a long-standing relationship with Cummins. TCS took over the PLM engagement from an existing vendor, making a smooth and seamless transition. According to Vandana, TCS helped Cummins to ensure quality of delivery on time and in budget.

Experience Partnership

One of the biggest reasons for Cummins to continue working with TCS is its willingness and ability to work as a partner. According to Vandana, TCS worked tirelessly along with Cummins for this engagement and brought to the table services and suggestions for improvement, without being asked to, enabling it to remain competitive and deliver seamless service to its customers.

Experience Leadership

Besides bringing in harmonization across the business units at Cummins, TCS demonstrated the ability to lead by example. TCS exhibited clear examples of how implementation of the solution has brought agility to other companies and replicated this success at Cummins.

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