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From Agents of Connectivity to Custodians of Digital Experience

The all-digital era calls for CSPs to go beyond pure-play connectivity

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With the digital revolution ushering in an era of hyper-connectivity and multi-dimensional information flow, communications service providers (CSPs) must aim to become more than just ‘connectivity providers.’ In doing that, companies will need to rethink their operating models to assume one of these four ‘avatars’:

  • Smart connectivity provider: Deliver network services efficiently by investing in and maintaining infrastructure

  • Smart services provider: Evolve into content providers and provide value-added services

  • Value aggregator: Partner with third-party providers, monetize assets, and integrate value in the digital ecosystem

  • Value creator: Realize the full potential of ecosystems through providing software-centric platforms that other players can build services on, thereby creating compelling and differentiated value for the end customer


About the Author

Kamal Bhadada, President - Communications, Media and Information Services, TCS 

Sankaranarayanan Viswanathan, Head – Industry Advisory Group, Communications, Media, and Information Services, TCS

Kamesh Chelluri, Lead – Advisory Services and Innovation, Communications, Media, and Information Services, TCS