The Forrester Wave™: Customer-Centric Global Banking Platforms, Q3 2016



The Forrester Wave™: Customer-Centric Global Banking Platforms, Q3 2016

The Nine Banking Platforms That Matter Most and How They Stack Up

Forrester Research cited TCS BaNCS as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Customer-Centric Global Banking Platforms, Q3 2016. The report, authored by Jost Hoppermann, along with Christopher Andrews and Joseph Miller, covered TCS BaNCS along with eight other vendor firms.

TCS exhibits strong business capabilities and forward-looking strategy. TCS’ banking platform experience goes back to its acquisition of Australia’s FNS BaNCS in 2005 and its earlier partnership. Today’s TCS BaNCS has various strong points: It comes with proven business capabilities for retail, corporate, and private banking, and its architecture builds on ingredients like SOA, components, SOAP and RESTful APIs, and API management. TCS BaNCS also supports a broad set of channels and plans to add a tool-based single source of truth for channel design by the end of 2016. Reference clients expressed a high degree of satisfaction with TCS, particularly when it comes to top management’s attention to large-scale projects. With 25,000 concurrent users and 120 mn transactions per day with the TCS BaNCS version of COBOL, live scalability is second to none.

A large share of TCS BaNCS revenues drives a well-defined strategy comprising enhancements and topics such as blockchain, support of partner ecosystems, and self-healing systems that will be essential for banks to stay competitive in tomorrow’s extremely competitive banking industry. Enhanced could-based delivery capabilities that align with the needs of defined target geographies will add further flexibility. While TCS typically owns the implementations of TCS BaNCS, potential clients can chose from a group of local and global Sls that TCS partners with today. TCS BaNCS is well suited for small and medium-sized bank: live examples that tier 1 and tier 2 banks also get value from TCS BaNCS and its components.


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