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TCS CJaaS, an analyst and market-recognized real-time interaction management solution, allows banking and financial institutions to create, monitor, and deliver personalized customer engagement communications across all digital and physical channels simultaneously. The solution drives call to action of user behavior and customer attribution details from a centralized engagement hub, enabling next-gen inter-customer relation management and improved customer engagement.

TCS Solution

and customer journey visualization by leveraging real-time big data and analytics, social media, mobility, cloud computing, machine learning, and IoT. The solution helps:

  • Enable credit or fee-based product promotion strategies by visualizing the customer journey and leveraging analytics and insights with executive financial KPI dashboards.
  • Gain intelligence on customer behavior, product performance, and customer journey with AI-infused journey performance metrics.
  • Easily configure with modern web 3.0 solutions of banks and wealth management platforms, focusing on getting started within days.
  • Leverage a dashboard view of the customer persona, identify location-based services, and provide a single customer window for all transactions.


  • Continuous intelligence on customer journey via customer journey visualization
  • Real-time AI-based intent identification in financial products buy or sell
  • Improved CSAT and NPS ratings with next-gen CX dataset of banking KPI metrics
  • Improved leads to sales ratio with new upselling and cross-selling avenues
  • Channel improvement in design and functionalization for increased customer adoption
  • Easy integration with new and legacy systems with integrated plug-ins and migration plan.


  • Ecosystem access to more than 100 players
  • Incubation and early technology access to over 500 fintech players
  • Domain expertise gained over the course of partnering with over 154 customers in more than 3,000 processes across 50,000 FTEs
  • Platform-agnostic and platform-bundled service to drive intuitive experiences in every interaction