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Today, consumer preference and expectations are rapidly evolving -- they are looking for more than just location-agnostic services and maximum availability. Enterprises need to personalize products and services to drive market differentiation, or risk getting lost in the industry chatter and being overtaken by competitors. This is especially true, given the Business 4.0™ trend, where enterprises across industries are looking to gain from the most advanced technologies.

TCS Solution

 TCS’ CX Services for Oracle helps enterprises reimagine customer experiences, matching CX delivery to the expectations of a digital-age customer. However, every enterprise brings unique requirements and a differentiated approach, requiring custom-implementation of the Oracle technology stack. TCS supports and realigns Oracle CX implementations in a variety of areas:

  • CX transformation services for digital front office, applying cutting-edge technologies such as AI-ML, AR-VR, and IoT
  • CX digital experience services, helping design an intelligent CRM based on customer and employee UX assessment
  • CX modernization services, moving on-premise applications to the cloud through TCS’ Machine First Delivery ModelTM
  • CX industry solutions, leveraging futuristic technology such as omnichannel CX for commerce and video-assisted CRM for marketing and sales


  • Enhance revenue by easing customer acquisition and cross-selling / up-selling opportunities
  • Accelerate time-to-market via agile, scalable Oracle cloud framework with pre-integrations
  • Drive a smart enterprise using analytics, for unique and repeatable experiences
  • Ensure competitive differentiation through gamification, digital commerce, and more

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