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The convergence of data and artificial intelligence (AI) accelerates digital transformation and enables smart decisions across organizational functions. Enterprises, however, are struggling with data across disparate sources leading to technology and operational silos, disjointed customer and employee experiences.

Cloud has become a de facto engine to ingest and host all the enterprise data across its ecosystem, and acts as a unified platform that provides flexibility, scalability and insights for effective data-driven strategies. TCS’ deep contextual knowledge, gained from working with organizations across industries and geographies, technology expertise across platforms and services, and ecosystem of partners help businesses accelerate the business value from cloud. 



TCS provides a range of innovative data and AI services capitalizing on the power of Google Cloud, which include:

Data platform modernization

Enterprises are looking at cloud as the strategic platform of choice to migrate and modernize their data platforms, and TCS’ offerings accelerate their journey by capitalizing on the various database platform choices on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). TCS is well placed to fast track these modernization programs given its diverse experience, accelerators and market leading tools.

Smart analytics

TCS helps enterprises analyze their operational, business and external data to gain insights, enabling them to be more agile and responsive to the market. TCS provides end-to-end services across the entire analytics value chain including assessment, building the foundation, migration and modernization of data warehouse, data lake and data marts, BI services and data experiences, advanced analytics, machine learning (ML) services and data and ML operations. 


Data warehouse modernization

Enables migration and building of modern data warehouses on Google Cloud with Big Query. TCS’ services include end-to-end assessment, design, and build of foundation elements, migration, and continuous monitoring of their data operations.  



Data lake modernization

Helps migrate and build efficient and cost-effective data lakes by leveraging a combination of Google’s Dataproc, Cloud Storage and BigQuery for ingestion, storage, processing, and analysis of structured as well as unstructured data.  



BI services and data experiences

Provides a rich data visualization experience leveraging industry-leading platforms and tools such as Data Studio and Looker for real-time reports and dashboards, and for in-depth analysis or infusion of relevant data with existing tools. 



Analytics services

Offers industry-specific analytics solutions for finance, supply chain, sales and marketing, and workforce using Firebase, BigQuery and AI tools provided by Google Cloud. TCS’ Marketing Analytics on Google Cloud drives optimal pricing, and accelerates customer acquisition and ROMI.



ML services 

Builds predictive and prescriptive models leveraging TensorFlow, Kubeflow, AI Platform, Natural Language API, Speech API, Translation API, Video Intelligence API, Vision API, All Auto ML products, and BigQuery ML by tapping into data stored in BigQuery, Cloud Storage or Dataproc. 

Cloud AI

TCS leverages Google’s market-leading data and AI platforms, tool sets and APIs to build intelligent, context-aware applications and solutions that drive new business insights, productivity and collaboration, and improve customer experience.

  • Intelligent customer experience transformation: Provides clients with an omnichannel experience and automates contact center interactions using Google contact center AI, AI-ML services, and advanced analytics.
  • Intelligent operations transformation: Automates document processing workflow, streamlines compliance processes and brings cognitive automation in various middle- and back-office processes.

Benefits include a faster modernization journey, 360-degree view of business, increased response to real-time business events, enhanced insights through data-driven applications, improved operational efficiencies, and a better customer experience through intelligent operations.

TCS-Google Advantage

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