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Evolving regulations such as the Affordable Care Act require systems interoperability for efficient data transfer. To enable seamless data exchange across the healthcare value chain, companies need an interface that facilitates collaboration with state, federal, and other entities. However, such record management is often:

  • Complex for users without technical knowledge

  • Unresponsive as configuring data multiple formats increases the Turn Around Time (TAT)

TCS Solution

TCS Data Integrator is a comprehensive solution that securely transforms data.

  • You can leverage the software’s pre-defined and reusable library of rules.

  • The Data Integrator enables role based access for enhanced data integrity. It also ensures compliance with regulations such as the HIPAA.

  • You can schedule transformation jobs in pre-defined times using the scheduler. The integrator can handle different input file formats (including Custom, CSV, EDI, Excel, etc.) The solution parses the formats, checks and validates these inputs, and churns this information in the desired output format.

  • The integrator supports multiple languages and can therefore be used by a wider variety of users.

  • This ensures regulatory compliance and accelerates time to market.


  • Facilitate better governance for audits by recording transformed data and error records

  • Connect various entities in the ecosystem and state and federal exchanges

  • Receive files from multiple locations using different protocols

  • Transform those files at pre-defined schedules

  • Can be configured easily through an user-friendly interface

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