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Data mined? Now make it perform

‘Data should be seen as a strategic asset and, as with oil, there is much to be distilled from it’, says Ananth Krishnan in his article “Data mined? Now make it perform” in Jan-Mar edition of TATA Review.  

In his article, Ananth Krishnan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, TCS, discusses about how to use data meaningfully and make it perform.  He gives some examples of the use of data in manufacturing, power sector, in artificial intelligence and so on.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“When I joined Tata Consultancy Services 30 years ago, data resided in large mainframes, in the sanctum sanctorum of the IT department. Hardly anyone had access to these machines. Data was collected and stored in neat rows and columns. Only a certain number of reports could be run on the type of data collected, and that seemed to satisfy business functions. Data is not so well behaved today. It floods through our servers in multiple formats. Users of the internet alone generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. There is more data coming from different gadgets and from people. Genomes, for instance, are a big data source. Valuable insights are buried in the text, audio and visual data emerging from diverse sources. This is a big challenge, but with each passing year, we are able to handle data better and use it meaningfully.”

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