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Data monetization is an opportunity for firms to streamline decision-making

The increasing emphasis on business model resilience and product innovation is propelling financial markets infrastructure firms to re-align their business vision beyond traditional boundaries. FMI firms are to cash in on ecosystem opportunities and co-create data-led inventive solutions across business service layers. Advanced big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) technologies as well as cognitive analytics help unearth deeply embedded multi-dimensional business insights from abundant non-contextualized. An effective data monetization strategy must embrace a cloud-hosted, on-demand data and analytics service composition that includes data-as-a-service, analytics-as-a-service, customized indices, and analytics design.

FMI firms must act fast to:

  • Shift the demand curve by leveraging data-driven innovative service offerings

  • Harness abundant non-contextualized data to create insights-based, distinct strategies for business expansion and enhanced customer engagement

  • Support seamless partner collaboration and ensure consistent end-user experience

Indra Chourasia

Industry Advisor, BFSI, TCS.


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