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The Challenge

Cloud migration is becoming commonplace with many mid- and large-size organizations embarking on multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategies and moving toward public cloud service providers. This has led to a growing need for innovation and standardization to enable quick migration and re-platforming. However, there are some challenges in data migration that need to be addressed first. These include:

  • Legacy databases and applications with integration issues, complex and long-drawn processes
  • Unavailability of data integrity and correctness of data, especially while migrating high-volume data
  • Data migration in short durations requiring verification for velocity from heterogenous platforms with different frequencies and taxonomies
  • Concerns during pre- and post-migration phases, including TCO analysis, sustenance and performance
  • Lack of automated processes leading to delays in overall timelines and standardization issues.

TCS Solution

TCS’ Data Platform Modernization and Migration to Azure Synapse helps accelerate business data migration to Azure using Machine FirstTM principles.

We provide integrated advisory, build and run services using agile methodology.

Standardization: Accelerated Appliance Migration (AAM) architecture designs and re-deployable connectors ensure quick integrations with legacy applications and databases.

Data integrity: Next-gen data warehouse with architecture re-platforming process, pre-build modeling, online sustenance analysis and automation at each step ensure data integrity for voluminous data.

Automation: Auto-provisioning of secured Azure services enables unified visualization and cost-efficient deployments.

Data factory model: Defined agile processes drive optimal utilization.


With TCS’ services for Azure Synapse, organizations can:

Reduce the timeline from couple of weeks to a day with automation ensuring accelerated migration life cycles and data integrity.

Decrease risk with proven tools and methodologies for multiple customer production environments.

Lower the TCO by leveraging MS Azure PaaS services; ready calculators enable quick cost forecast.

Improve productivity with faster service deployments and reduced efforts by 50%



There are several advantages TCS offers from overall enterprise engagements perspective. These include:

Focused team: TCS’ MBU Data Analytics & Insights is a focused group for data platform modernization and appliance migration offerings on Azure.

Strategic partnership with Microsoft: TCS is a Tier 1 Azure managed service partner, Azure Expert Managed Services Provider and a Microsoft Gold partner.

TCS and Microsoft joint investments: TCS drives continuous training programs and offers Azure Sandbox for solution development​. 




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