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As IT operations become more application focused, enterprises seek a robust way to manage the underlying databases. Limited in-house resources and fragmented management systems often lead to ineffective database administration and increase the time-to-market of applications. Furthermore, the lack of automation platforms increases both system outage risk as well as operational costs.

TCS Solution

TCS’ Database Engineering and Management Suite

Key features include:

  • Business as usual (BAU) operations: Round-the-clock database monitoring and administration, including migration and updates
  • Database build services: Software installation, database creation and configuration
  • Backup and recovery: Design, implementation, and maintenance of backup systems; includes high availability (HA) solutions
  • Performance and database optimization services: Assessment of multiple layers to optimize database systems linked to diverse applications; helps augment database environments
  • Security management: Regulatory compliance, patch management, database hardening, and access control


  • Improved ROI: Minimize costs through database transformation, reducing TCO and boosting ROI
  • Enhanced business agility: Reduce the time-to-market for applications; KEDB enables quicker incident resolution
  • Regulatory compliance and robust security:  Ensure full regulatory and standards-related compliance while safeguarding data with advanced security features


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