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Growing Beyond Net Zero

A digital partnership with point and purpose.


The utilities industry is on the verge of massive change: In a few decades, the global economy is expected to be carbon neutral. All the while, the world of work – and the workplace itself – are transforming. Time to rethink infrastructure. Equally important: digitization is entering its next phase, whereby legacy systems must become more agile, and the cloud landscape must provide even greater support for innovation and growth.

We at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) are at your side to help you overcome these challenges. Let us help you redesign your IT applications and digital infrastructure. As a strategic partner, we help you master transformation, strengthen your competitiveness, boost your team's performance, improve the customer experience, and scale further. Our innovative frameworks, tailor-made for the energy sector, make it all possible.

Let’s Tackle Your Challenges Together

Stay ahead in the energy transition

We can help you align your value chain with renewable energies and comply with climate change and sustainability targets. What's more, we build your partner networks, and help you establish a Net Zero Center – offering dashboards, insights, and governance.
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Shaping the future of workplace

Nowadays, companies need to support their employees on a holistic basis and ensure they are always equipped with the right tools and skills. Discover our framework of consulting, digital workplace platforms, HR services, and Business Process as a Service.

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Embrace the cloud to drive innovation

Utilities companies of all sizes want to become more agile with the cloud, drive their transformation, and reduce IT costs. We support you in implementing, automating, standardizing, and optimizing your cloud landscape.
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How We Can Support You

20 years’ experience

delivering digital projects in the energy sector.

More than 100 utilities companies

from all over the world put their long-term trust in TCS

Our partnerships

with technology providers, start-ups, and universities position us to support agile digital transformations.


is a part of our strategy. Our goal is to reach net-zero emissions by 2030.

Research & development
is carried out consistently and with the society and planet in mind.

Our virtual talent pool
supports you in a highly flexible and demand-driven way at any location.

How can we support you?
Take the first step now and call on a digital partner that understands your business and the energy market. We look forward to your inquiry!

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