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Shaping the Future of Decentralized Trials
Walk The Talk: Implementing A Human-touch Approach In Digital Trial Ecosystem
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TCS ADD hosted a Virtual Event to provide hands-on practicalities, experiences, and collaborations to successfully enable the next generation clinical trial trend of Patient Centric Trials, also referred to as Decentralized Trials. 

We looked at a  few pioneering companies and modern technologies that moved the needle, shed light on what has transitioned out of the conceptual phase and implemented in real-life clinical studies with patients. We discussed learnings from the implementation and experience of patients and sites, as well as collaborations with other key stakeholders to drive adoption for these technologies.

This podcast is a recording of the virtual event.
We look forward to your participation in our upcoming industry-mapped virtual events.

  • For more info on TCS ADD
  • For more info on TCS Connected Clinical Trials Platform
  • To understand more on how modern technologies can spur patient centric research

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