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  • Enterprises today must have a robust decision-making framework in place at the functional level to drive accelerated outcomes and meet KPIs. 
  • TCS Decision Fabric knits the data flow across an enterprise using artificial intelligence and drives innovation across all its functions.
  • The framework delivers on business KPIs such as customer satisfaction, customer lifetime value, workforce wellness, photographic critical services validation, and sales.



TCS Decision Fabric accelerates business outcomes with intelligent, immersive AI capabilities. 

Enterprises are focused on accelerating business outcomes that deliver high-impact results. While there is a sharp focus at the CIO level, enterprises must also address objectives and be highly relevant at the function level. Maintaining a granular focus to stay relevant will help enterprises, deliver on function specific KPIs at the CMO, CHRO, and CSO levels.

TCS Decision Fabric is a data and analytics framework that leverages AI to build innovative business solutions across non-CIO functions in an enterprise. With artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge representation, and immersive analytics, the solution provides smart capabilities for personalized customer experiences and quicker time-to-value. 

Our offerings include:

  • Customer analytics
  • Sales and marketing analytics 
  • Workforce analytics 
  • Sustainability analytics
  • Inspection-as-a-service


Customer analytics

Get a 360-degree view of the customer.

What it does

Customer analytics develops a unified view by analyzing and associating customer interactions across multiple touchpoints with existing insights, enabling better customer service and sustained customer loyalty. It focuses on knowledge-based consulting and utilizes our deep domain knowledge, AI-ML-based accelerators, and solution frameworks such as PredictCX—a complete digital solution with in-built customizations to improve customer experience.


Enhances customer tenure by about 10%, increases customer loyalty, and improves lifetime value.

Sales and marketing analytics

Hyper-personalized offers powered by data-driven interventions.

What it does

Sales and marketing analytics focuses on hyper personalization through a dynamic recommendation engine enabling higher return on marketing investments. It leverages our cross-industry functional and technical expertise to help marketing functions through Next Best Action and other solutions. Our presence in industries such as banking, financial services and insurance, retail, and media helps deepen customer relationships and foster long-term loyalty. 


Delivers 40–60% increase in sales as well as 60–80% lower marketing costs and improved conversions, with the elimination of duplicate campaigns and redundant messaging. 

Workforce analytics

Workforce experience, productivity, empowerment, and well-being transformed using decision sciences.

What it does

Workforce analytics employs AI-enabled analytics solutions to complement existing systems and improve talent experience, productivity, and well-being. It builds on our proprietary products and services along with niche partner products, TCS Research and Innovation, and domain and technology accelerators. 


Delivers a 50% reduction in hiring efforts for internal mobility and up to 50% improved learning agility with hyper-personalized learning content.

Sustainability analytics

Sustainable performance balanced with business value generation.

What it does

Sustainability analytics addresses value chain analytics, data and circular marketplaces, and sustainability disclosures. It conceives sustainable solutions using an extensive partner ecosystem. Our skilled consultants backed by industry-tested best practices and data and analytics-centric platforms and solutions add value to your business. 


Unlocks higher economic, environmental, and social value culminating in higher brand value.


Focused on CSO’s inspection of critical, mostly state-owned services for citizens.

What it does

Inspection-as-a-service uses an AI-powered engine to put together data from thousands of devices such as closed-circuit cameras and sensors to allow monitoring at a large scale and unbiased, rapid, and traceable reporting. Its use cases range from inspecting school sanitation to hazardous waste disposal and enforcing law and order. All this on a fast, secure, and reliable cloud environment. 


Leverages its potential to be a change agent for growth and prosperity to enhance environmental, social, and corporate governance, and to grow a community’s social, natural, and human capital.