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Delphi-TVS Leverages Cloud for Modernized & Simplified HR

Integrates processes on robust and flexible TCS platform addressing unique business needs

Delphi-TVS Technologies
Automation & AI, Analytics & insights, Cloud Applications, Enterprise


Unifying fragmented HR processes and disparate systems in order to harness insights and simplify workforce management

The limited automation and multiple legacy applications in different locations led to duplication of effort in HR and acted as a barrier in timely availability of accurate employee information at Delphi-TVS. The rigidity of existing systems in handling complex shift-management rules, which is a characteristic of the manufacturing business, with manual checks for variations in shifts added to the workload. Transactional activities needed to be reduced so that the team could focus on core and strategic aspects of the business.


TCS’ modern and integrated HR platform digitized processes, empowered employees

Delphi-TVS Technologies wanted a robust, flexible and modern HR solution to standardize and digitize processes for a richer employee experience, while allowing business to flexibly handle fluctuations in workloads. Leveraging the agility offered by cloud, processes were centralized and automated, including workforce administration (WFA), payroll, time and attendance, performance, learning, and compensation management. Streamlined shift and time management improved handling of peak and off-peak workloads. Employees were intelligently empowered through online letter generation, integration of performance and compensation, and self-service for WFA and hiring. Activities such as leave management and attendance, and alerts for long absence no longer required daily monitoring, which helped HR to focus on strategic activities. TCS’ integrated solution comprising HCM platform on cloud with fully managed services ensured a single point of accountability while addressing unique business needs.

We have modernized and simplified HR with TCS’ cloud solution

Ramesh Krishnan, Vice President - Human Resources, Delphi-TVS Technologies

Delphi gets greater visibility and business agility, offers richer employee experience

TCS’ solution helped Delphi-TVS offer a rich experience through unified, simplified and intelligently automated systems, improve visibility through timely availability of accurate employee information and drive agility through better workforce management.


Single, digitized HR Platform


Reduction in employee queries

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