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CSPs can build one in partnership with their IT vendors 

Communications service providers are looking to build DevOps CI-CD automation platforms to minimize deployment friction and decrease the lead time for delivery, while providing new features and services without compromising security. Due to a combination of on-premise infrastructure, public cloud environments and customer premises, it is difficult for them to maintain and manage CI-CD workflow to enable delivery of these applications, systems, assets, services, and networks.

Telecom companies do not currently ring-fence budgets for building core and contextual capabilities. Moreover, integrating COTS systems and apps with in-house business and operational capabilities is complicated to say the least. CI-CD platforms should be API-led and have self-service features, along with being declarative and collaborative to enable faster innovation. What also needs to be kept in mind is the ease of use, simplicity of tooling, continuous evolution, and richness of documentation.

Raghu Ram Meda

Enterprise Architect and Domain Consultant Communications, Media and Information Services, TCS


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