DevOps Testing: TCS Takes the IP Way



DevOps Testing: TCS Takes the IP Way

Dominique Raviart, NelsonHall

Nelson Hall talks about TCS continuing its IP approach, this time focusing on DevOps and taking a full lifecycle testing approach; The automation approach plays well in DevOps.

According to NelsonHall, TCS’ Assurance services with NETRA is not offering, an off-the-shelf product but a journey, taking a best-of-breed approach and reintegrating all tools and software. In so doing, TCS brings experience and repeatability to its clients.

The report states that the company also takes a pragmatic view of technology and will use open source software, whenever it is feasible, rather than COTS. Also, TCS will be reviewing its technology elements within NETRA and potentially will turn to alternative software products when necessary. This should help reduce potential lockup in a given technology and ISV.

One area of development for DevOps is to expand from an asynchronous continuous development/continuous integration approach into a true bilateral journey where experience of IT operations will automatically provide feedback to development and testing teams. Current monitoring activity is the start of this approach, and the next step is TCS’s integration of ITSM tools into NETRA. TCS can then write the next chapter of IT server management, providing feedback into software design.

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