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With public cloud security perimeters becoming boundaryless and the accelerated pace of innovation, cyber threats are rapidly increasing. Cybercrimes pose a major threat to cloud environments which are treasure troves of sensitive information. The sophistication level required to break into a cloud environment is constantly dropping owing to modern cyberattack techniques and networking among threat attackers.

Common cloud misconfigurations, remote exploitation of cloud applications, elevated permissions for cloud accounts and users, inadequate logging which leads to insufficient visibility into the cloud environment are the most common loopholes exploited by threat actors to exfiltrate data from cloud environments. As enterprises are adding a variety of cloud applications with unique and different capabilities having their own set of security requirements, it becomes challenging for them to innovate and stay secure at the same time.

TCS Rapid Security Assessment provides enterprises a view of their security maturity across data, applications, infrastructure, networking, identity and access management, incident response and regulatory compliance. It provides insights into security control misconfigurations and deviations from recommended security best practices, identifies opportunities for cloud security automation and presents a security roadmap listing down the measures and techniques that could be implemented to uplift the security posture of their AWS environment.

TCS Security Foundation Designer provides enterprises with reusable solution architecture patterns aligned to security best practices. These patterns come with design artifacts and are readily deployable into enterprises’ IT environment, helping them to rapidly build a secure cloud foundation.

TCS DevSecOps Factory is a collection of ready-made AWS code pipelines already integrated with the tools and capabilities required to implement secured CI/CD for enterprises. It has pipelines to detect sensitive information, validate infrastructure as code (IaC) templates, scan container images and AWS Lambda functions for vulnerabilities.

TCS has also built compliance solutions that enable enterprises to achieve and maintain continuous and automated regulatory compliance.


With TCS’ solutions and services, enterprises can:

  • Implement sufficient guardrails to secure enterprises IT environment

  • Leverage TCS Rapid Security Assessment to ensure regulatory compliance to avoid fines and penalties

  • Use DevSecOps Factory to automate CI/CD pipelines, ensuring quality and security of the code releases

  • Access AWS services to identify pockets of security automation to overcome threats and attacks

  • Activate auto-remediate when non-compliance is detected

 TCS Advantage

  • Strong partnership between TCS and AWS for over a decade to address the needs of global enterprises

  • World-class security experts to:

    1. Monitor AWS infrastructure

    2. Build and maintain a broad selection of innovative security services from TCS

  • Tool-driven security and compliance with:

    1. Rapid security assessment

    2. Foundation Designer, TCS DevSecOps Factory and compliance automation solutions

  • Wide range of industry compliance execution across PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171 standards


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