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The ease of doing business while adhering to government regulations is paramount to setting up and driving successful enterprises. Setting up business is challenging to say the least given the amount of documentation involved and the need to secure timely approvals from various government agencies. The absence of a single window clearance system to obtain approvals and no objection certificates (NOCs) often leads to duplicity of data across departments, inadvertent errors, and unnecessary delays, hampering business establishment. 

TCS Solution

TCS DigiGOV™ Ease of Doing Business is an online single window clearance system that streamlines the end to end process of setting up shop. The solution serves as an investors’ facilitation portal enabling investors to submit all the required documents along with the online application. TCS’ solution validates and clears application in a timely manner, while identifying the establishments to be inspected based on computerized risk assessment. The results are clear: rapid data exchange among stakeholders and increased visibility into government policies, procedures, incentive schemes, checklist of documents, availability of infrastructure and approval timelines. Effective investor application clearance fuels business establishment.


TCS DigiGOV™ Ease of Doing Business offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Increased visibility in business regulations
  • Improved forecasting capabilities
  • Single window for interaction with various stakeholders
  • Simplified application filing process
  • Increased ownership in departments
  • Improved compliance policies and guidelines


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