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Healthcare consumers today expect robust health support, reduced wait times and on-demand access to health records. However, there are noticeable gaps in how health services are being delivered. Legacy IT infrastructure burdened with point digital healthcare solutions make it challenging to effectively monitor available resources, equipment and funds allocated towards government health programs, hampering patient experience and hospital performance.

TCS Solution

TCS’ DigiGOV-HMIS is a comprehensive solution that helps streamline patient care and hospital management by automating administrative activities, improving reporting and compliance and ensuring optimal resource utilization. The solution acts as a key enabler in generating and maintaining Electronic Medical Records (EMR) adhering to Electronic Health Records (EHR) standards, improving control over hospital functions, providing workflow enabled processes and monitoring pre-defined health indicators. Easily integrated with national and state health systems, TCS’ DigiGOV-HMIS provides easy access to hospital performance on key health parameters on a real-time basis.


  • Improved patient satisfaction

  • Enhanced compliance with MCI and CMM

  • Improved hospital performance

  • Digitalize and maintain EMR as per government standards

  • Enable on-demand customization and scalability

  • Improve compliance to healthcare regulations and quality standards

  • Improved ability to spot disease trends, drug consumption and take proactive action

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